In front of computer while printing my report. I don’t know what I have to do, I just want make some writing in English with my bad grammar and poor vocabulary.

Night is quickly aproaching when I’m sitting in front of my computer. A couple hours a go I received a short message from my online buddy in Borneo. I just smiled and thought “life is always full fill with decision” let him with his choises. I’ve really never given thought serious with my future before. I realized it when I was in Papua. I can’t being like this forever, everything must have the standard rule so that I never lost in my way. At least it can be my motivation to gain the highest achievement in my life. I know its never easy, feel time is flying so fast, day by day changed smoothly. It remained storied in the pass.

Papua is beautiful, truly I never seen the greatest creature like this . Obviously it was refreshing my mind, though I thought it should be quite daunting prospect to be part of these community. I’m leaving miles away from my hometown, moreover, here doesn’t has good infrastructur such as public transportation, healthy and education as well as Java has. I never sigh because I quiet adamant with my promised.

Papua has taught me valuable lesson’s about life. As young lad from Jember, I learn how to be confidence facing new situation and making decision, try to be more respect with my environment, the culture and society which were completely different with my mine. While I try to be adult though it is pretty vague till now. Well, time is going and my report doesn’t finish yet. I have to back with my paper. See you soon.

Posted in Multiply at 28 February 2011 07:34 PM